How to receive/return the products?

- You can receive or return the products in our branch in Tel Aviv or with ou representative in Jerusalem with no extra charge.

- You can recive the product at Ben Gurion airport by our representative that will wait for you outside gate 2 of the airport and hand the product to you once you land, at the cost of 25$


-have them delivered straight to your hotel or to any other address in Israel (except Eilat, The Dead Sea or East Jerusalem) - at the cost of 12.5$ per way.



For a delivery to Ben Gurion airport when placing please write in the remarks:

- Your flight number and time of arrival.

- contact number that will be available upon your landing.

- Any other information that you believe we should know, or that will allow us to provide you with a better service and to our representative to find you in Ben Gurion airport and hand the product to you once you land.

In any case or cirumstances you can not return the product at BGN Airport!!! Minimum reservation for the delivery to B.G airport - 60$ Installation of GPS in B.G airport will be made outside the roofed compound due to security reasons