Regulations & Terms of use


"We", "Company" - WebTarget Ltd.
"User" - any person, company or entity that makes any use of the site.
Use of this website display & the all its contents is subject to the terms of use as will be listed below.
In and of itself using the site you are subject to all the terms of use as listed below.

The company reserves the right to update these terms at any time, in its sole discretion, without prior
notice, for any reason. The validity of the changes will begin from the moment the terms of use
published. This site is intended for personal use only and any commercial use without obtaining
a prior written consent of the Company is prohibited.

The Company may terminate and / or change the services the site or part of them at any time,
including the content, authorizations, access information and permissions required to access services
to the site, without prior notice and without warranties what so ever.  

The company reserves the right to refuse to grant access to any of this site or parts of it for each user,
in its sole discretion and without prior warning.

WebTarget Ltd. is committed regarding the privacy of our customers.
It is understand and agreed that WebTarget Company Ltd will deliver your details and any
information if obligated to do so in order to obey the law, whether by a legal entity or
governmental authority whether this step is necessary to maintain the law.  

It is understand and agreed that WebTarget Company Ltd will deliver details and any information
that would be optional, including the content, if this step is required to enforce the terms of use
or to respond to legal prosecution contends that the content that violates third party rights or
to protect rights, property and safety of the company, its clients, the general public employees.

As a term of use, all content, information and data (including: data, word processing, software,
music, video, photos, illustrations, and all material contained on the site) are the exclusive
property of the company, is not for you to own, you do not the have permission to use them,
and you do not have any property rights ncluding intellectual and / or non-tangible, of the
Company's or any third-parties. You undertake not to copy,
reproduce, transfer, sell, rent or distribute or alternate any software, in part or in its entirety,
which owned by WebTarget Ltd. or affiliates.
Using the site:

You undertake not to enter the service in any way other than through the interface supplied to you
by the company.
Using the products:

Using the products and operating the products offered to you for rent or for sale site will be in
accordance with use instructions that are bound or appearing on the website of the company.
Customer undertakes to act in accordance with the instructions do not use any products which
exceeds the damage to the product.
Customer undertakes to inform the company about any damage or product failure or problem that
occurred during the period in which the product would have.
Limitation of Liability:

Using the services and / or any information or content (including: data, word processing, software,
music, photographs, illustrations, messages) that has been transferred or received by and / or while
using our Site are the responsibility of the client only. Customer will bear responsibility for any damages
(including: damage to financial, material, physical, loss of data) that may happened.

The Company shall not be liable for in case of delays in providing services and/or products and/or
any other damage that might happened. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damages
in case of damaging (Bar patch or not) the client's equipment, resulting from the use of the services
and / or products that offered on the site.

WebTarget Ltd will not be held responsible for damage that result from using the site and/or use of
products and / or services offered on the site which, in any one loss and / or loss of the following:
loss of business contracts, loss of savings, lost profits, financial losses, data loss, loss of opportunity,
loss of reputation. In addition, the company will not be held responsible for any loss and / or cases of
loss or no cases, expected or unexpected, directly or indirectly, or any loss and / or other loss.

You undertake not to use products and / or services offered at any event that damage can occur to
acquire and / or physical damage in the event and will be failures. You expressly take full responsibility
for all risk and / or damage as a result of use in these cases.  

You agree and warrant to compensate and protect the company WebTarget Ltd. due to any instance of
the losses to the company and / or third-party claim against the company and / or expenses that may
happened or as a result of using your products and / or services.
Rates and prices:

All the rates and terms of service are published and available on the web site. The company reserves
the right to change the rates without prior notice as long as it is being updated on the web site.  

In any case of discrepancy between the prices and / or rates and / or terms that are listed on the site
and those officials of the company, as they appear on official publications of the company and is
available for review at our office, will be determined by the last (official).
Termination of Service:

WebTarget Ltd reserves the right to terminate the service at any time without notice for any reason,
without any liability to its customers other than the amount that was paid in advance for services.
Canceling of an order:

No client will be charged for cancellation of a reservation if the cancellation of the invitation message
submitted to the company by fax or mail at least 72 hours prior to order (start of the rental period),
or if was agreed in writing by the company. Otherwise a 50% fine will be paid by the customer.

Receiving a refund for cancellation of the reservation will be made by the same
means in which the client had paid.

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