Online Rental Guide - Expanded Version

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Browse our website and find the products you need. You can browse by categories using the links on
the top row.

Once you found an item you wish to rent, click on it to go to the product page. Under the
picture of the item, you will see to icons that look like calendars - "Start date" and "End date".
Click on them to choose the desired rental period.

Our system will automatically calculate the relevant discount according to the rental period and show
the final price.

In case that you need more than one unit of the same item please use the "Quantity" drop-down menu
to choose the number of units you desire. The total amount will be updated once you go to the cart.

After you choose the dates our system will automatically show you additional items under the dates
and prices area. These are the items we believe may compliment the initial item you chose. You may
click the "plus" icon by the product to immediately add it to the cart or click on the product's name to go
that product's page.

Click "Add to Cart" if you wish to continue browsing for more products or click "Add & Go" to go to the
cart. You can always go to the cart from the "cart" icon in the top right of any page within our website.

Once in the cart you will see the items that you chose and the desired dates for each. Please verify
that the products and dates are correct! If you have a discount coupon please enter it now.

   Notice: In the top of the page there is a "Continue" link which will allow you
   to go back to browse and add items to your order.

If you are a new user choose a username and password. This will allow you to check your order status
in any given moment as well as make changes to your reservation as needed. Existing customers login
using the provided link. IMPORTANT! If you don't remember your username and/or password and want
to make a reservation - don't worry... just create a new user.

Fill in your information: name, address, phone numbers, e-mail, etc.

Choose the pick-up or delivery method.

   In case that you choose delivery for the items, please give us as much
   information as you can: accurate address, contact phone numbers of
   whoever is going to receive the delivery in that address and range of time
   for the delivery.

   In case that delivery is done to Ben-Gurion airport please let us know the
   flight number, scheduled time of landing and in case you are renting a car
   the car rental company's name.

Fill in your billing information or check the "Complete order by phone" checkbox to have a representative call you to
complete the payment by phone. Please note that our website is SSL secured and that credit card details are erased
after receiving the payment confirmation from the credit card company.

Check the "agree to terms of use" checkbox and click "Check Out Now".

Our automated system will send you a confirmation e-mail with all the details regarding your reservation as well as the
rental agreement. You will also receive an invoice to you e-mail within 24 hours of making the payment.

Send us the rental agreement that you received, after signing it, by e-mail or fax.

That's It!
We wish you an enjoyable rental experience and see you next time :)

Online Rental Guide - Brief Explanation

  Click here for the Quick Guide >>

- Choose the item you wish to Rent
- Choose the rental dates for your item
- Choose additional items
- Click "Add to Cart" to continue browsing or "Add & Go" to go to the cart
- Fill in your personal information
- Choose the pick-up or delivery method
- Fill in your Billing Information
- Click "Check Out".

Our automated system will send you a confirmation e-mail with all the details regarding your
reservation as well as the rental agreement. You will also receive an invoice to you e-mail within
24 hours of making the payment.

Send the signed rental agreement by e-mail or fax.



Terms of Use - Our and your commitment

Our commitment:

We are committed to provide you the items you ordered in perfect working condition and according
to the specifications, dates and in the way you requested.

We will provide you technical support in and moment that you need.

We guarantee you that in the case that an item is malfunctioning or inoperable for any reason, we will
replace the item as soon as we can.

We guarantee you will receive a refund for the days that an item did not work in the case that you are
not responsible for the failure (e.g. by misuse or abuse).

The items provided to you are under manufacturer's warranty and you will not be charged for damages
that were NOT caused due to misuse or abuse or loss of the rented items.

Your commitment:

You promise to act in good faith and return the rented items, including all provided accessories,
in the end of the agreed rental period, in good working order and in the same condition as you
received them.

You promise to inform us immediately in case of malfunction or damage or loss or theft of an item or
an accessory.

You are committed to cover the repair costs in the event of damage to an item that was not caused
by normal wear and tear, and to pay the market value of the rented item in the event of loss or theft.